Electrolysis Services


Electrolysis has been used as an effective method of removing unwanted hair permanently for over a century; Today there is a modern and revolutionary method of electrolysis that does not use needles. An electrode gel is used instead of needles to conduct the electric current down to the hair follicles where the roots get treated with the chemical reaction of electrolysis. A whole surface area can be treated where the current will reach hundreds of follicles at a time, rather than one follicle at a time. Therefore, the results for removing the unwanted hair by weakening the roots and slowing down the hair regrowth is highly effective.

Personal satisfaction varies per client; some people are satisfied with thinner, lighter and less visible hairs while some feel it's important to continue treatment until there are no more hairs at all. The procedure works well on all skin color, hair color (from dark to light) and treats coarse hair, as well as, the finer hairs (vellus hair).

* Non-invasive, Sun exposure is permitted and there are no pain of needles

A Free Consultation will be given on the onset of beginning electrolysis treatments for all clients to be well informed:

  • What is electrolysis
  • How electrolysis works
  • What are the hair growth cycles
  • Whether or not someone is a good candidate for doing electrolysis
  • The contraindications for electrolysis
  • Assess hair growth issues and discuss the area of hair growth that requires electrolysis treatment


"Create the perfect eyebrow"

When making eyebrows beautifully symmetrical, even when the features are asymmetrical as they most often are, well shaped brows will bring a kind of balance and harmony to the face. The correct eyebrow will brighten the eyes and frame the face. It's like a mini "non-surgical" face lift.

Unlike other eras such as the eighties and nineties; today's eyebrows shaping styles are considered more full and natural looking: well defined with a soft arch. Too bushy and too thin are not in! The "perfect brow" is classic, not trendy. It is well balanced to best enhance facial features and suit the overall face.

Note: The Needleless Electrolysis Clinic is able to treat both the coarse and more finer hairs on the eyebrow area without causing any swelling or skin irritation.


"Fixing and remodeling the over plucked eyebrow"

For those who have over plucked there brows or don't have a full natural browline, we will help assist in correcting the problem. We will demonstrate how to use powder or pencil to color in the browline to give a natural affect. We will also carefully point out where the client needs to let the hairs grow in.


We specialize in electrolysis, however we offer one small added service, which is a Hand Parrafin Wax Treatment. This can be done anytime; before, after or during an electrolysis treatment. It will soothe and soften dry skin, soothe chronic arthritis join pain, relax stiff muscles, soothe eczema and itchiness, as well as provide anti-aging and beautiful looking hands.


  • Notify us about your referral by phone
  • When a person, that you refer to us, becomes our client, you will receive a 50% discount for your next electrolysis treatment.

Note: This is not a one time discount. For each confirmed referral, you will keep on receiving a 50% discount as it was described above.
Satisfied clientelle are they best way to market and promote a business.  We value and show appreciation towards our existing clients by offering this discount.


"I am a black woman who had discovered Needleless Electrolysis Clinic and has been extremely satisfied.  I was pleased with the fast and effective results of the permanent hair removal without causing any skin irritations or discoloration."

- Dannie S

"Great Results! I get constant compliments on my gorgeously shaped eyebrows.  I've recommended Donna to everyone.  She is wonderful!"

- Anna T

"Excellent results. No pain and great service!"

- Aviva W

"I'm very satisfied with the professional eyebrow shaping.  I have a very demanding schedule in university and Needleless Electrolysis Clinic has always been very accomodating .  Great service; I've always recommended to family and friends."

- Samantha P

"No one else can shape my eyebrows as well as her!"

- Karine M

"I'm very happy with my eyebrows. No more unibrow!"

- Costa V

"I was referred to the Needleless Electrolysis Clinic by my sister, encouraged by the idea of discovering an electrolysis method of permanent hair removal that does not use needles and isn't painful.  The results have been great! I recommend it for any young girls looking to solve their hair growth problem before it worsens, as they grow older.  The sooner the better, save yourself the time, money and hassle!"

- Vanessa P

"I'm so excited about my eyebrows, I get compliments all the time.  Even when I'm tired from instructing Zumba dance classes, my eyes still look wide open and refreshed.  I will never have to worry about waxing or tweezing the rest of my life.  This has been my best choice for permanent hair removal. Thank You Donna, you're the best!"

- Guylaine T

"I have a busy 7 day work week schedule that is always changing.  Donna is able to schedule my appointments accordingly.  Thanks for the great service."

- Wendy D